W-Power Fiber Laser
Warcom has developed a combined plasma and fiber laser machine. With the combination of the fiber laser and plasma technologies , Warcom wants to improve a better cutting quality on different thicknesses with low cutting costs.W-POWER Fiber Laser has the possibility to improve the quality of the holes on high thickness thanks to the new True Hole plasma technology.The machine is designed to be fast , versatile and reliable. It's composed of n.3 axis ( X, Y, Z ) able to carrying out the sheet metal by fiber laser abd plasma unit . The main part of the gantry is made by extruded aluminium which combines the reduced weight with high rigidity.This item is supported by two arc-welded structures in carpentry where inside we have mounted the mechanical parts for the translation movement which is obtained by engines and electrical synchronism that engage with two helicoidal teeth racks fixed on the both sides of the basement. On the gantry we have mounted guides for the translation of the Y and Z axes with high quality precision and preloaded ball screws . The motorization of the X and Y axes are made of low inertia and high efficiency brushless motors with a positional transducer connected to an epicycloidal reducer and to an helicoidal pinion gear that engages with the rack. Racks and pinions are hardened and ground to ensure smooth running and high wear resistance . The motorizations of the Z axis are made with brushless motors which directly control a ball screw complete with preloaded ball nut .   
Interpolated X-Y axis speed : 40mt / minute
Hypertherm LF150 high torch control
Both plasma and laser torches are controlled by this device adjusted on high and powered by brushless motors.
The torch is completewith anti-collision system