JETCAM was founded in 1986 to develop and market software systems for computer numerical control programming of punching and cutting machines used in sheet metal fabrication and composite cutting. It was started as a response to the time consuming and error-prone practices then being used for this work and the guiding principles of the company ever since have been to develop systems that,
* Are very easy to learn and use without compromising functionality

* Are exceptionally reliable and trouble-free

* Can handle just about any type of job on just about any type of machine (covering punch, laser, plasma, water jet and routing technologies)

* Allow jobs to be moved from one machine to another without reprogramming

*Incorporate innovative features to get the absolute best performance out of machines of all ages

*Produce results extremely quickly

*Truly automate the process of CNC code generation from CAD drawing files

JETCAM is represented in a wide variety of independent sheet metal machine shops, manufacturing everything from simple heavy gauge components to the most sophisticated and delicate components employed in the electronics and aerospace industries.
After the initial installation of JETCAM products, users are able to benefit from a maintenance program that provides automatic upgrade to new releases of the software for continuing enhancement of performance and functionality.
The ongoing development program of JETCAM is designed to achieve two things. Firstly, to continuously enhance the features, performance and level of automation of existing products. Secondly, to introduce new products that bring the same level of ease of use and reliability provided by the JETCAM Expert CNC programming and nesting software to other aspects of machine shop operation, such as 3D design and unfolding and production control.