Martin Group Corporation

The history, The future
The activity started in the 60th from a specific requirement in the field of fusing machines. We are talking about the needing of precise an uniform pressure along all the surface of fabric: from here the great intuition of the "pressure lung". The first machine with this pressure system was born in 1965, model VARIABIL MEPP 130, serial number 001, at it goes on working until 1996. Fifteen years later a new kind of machine is growing: the continuous working machines between which the new OPEN TOP.

The success of this new machine concourse to a remarkable expansion of the company. So to arrive to nowadays and, from small family laboratory, MARTIN GROUP becomes a company with a productive unit of 4000 sq meters, 80 collaborators and several satellite companies that take care of commercialization and service all over the world.

All of this finalized to produce a range of around 30 different models of machines with Italian high technology, of which over 50% for export.
In few words, everywhere you find a textile production; you will probably find a MARTIN machine.
The capillary post selling service completes the circle of a meticulous activity, as under commercial, as under technological aspect.

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