Loiva Corporation

30 years back, an unassuming man working as a technician, gained experience in various fields of Apparel industry. Working incessantly, gaining knowledge, contemplating mind jarring problems, zeroing on solution and extending help for a paltry sum was his humble beginning. The humility and a strong aspiration for innovation took this man to great heights. In his field he is one among the respected experts in industrialized nation, South Korea.
Disgusted with the prevalent concept of Breakdown Maintenance which was affecting bulk-production, he thought of reducing maintenance by designing it out& providing new concepts. In his quest for something novel & rewarding he refused to compromise with the traditional way of working in the industry. Loiva is the Brain-child of this humble genius. Mr. Myung Won Seo founded a company Myung Jin S.M. in Bucheon-City, Kyounggi-do, Korea, with a product brand of 'Loiva'.

This company was a vendor to supply concept machines & attachments for base machines to renowned international machine-suppliers in this field, BU-TECH, Korea; A.M.F-Reece, Czech Republic; Ngaising, Hongkong besides supplying Loiva brand machines & attachments to Republic of China.
In October 2004 in its new incarnation the company assumed a name Loiva, meaning "The rising sun". Right solutions, at optimum cost, with the use of latest technologies. Simple base machines when armed with powerful attachments, offered to work & compete with heavy & high-cost machines.
The industry 'Gurus' watched this marvel with awe & welcomed. Continuous innovation is the password at Loiva.

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